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Depth & Umami

Dried Squid are used quite commonly as a cooking ingredient around the world and are very popular in various forms; whole, shredded and/or pressed. Dried squid products are increasingly popular and becoming a staple here in the US.  The advantages of drying the product are not only for lengthy storage in the absence of refrigeration but, as with most dried foods, the flavor of the fresh article is considerably concentrated and enhanced.


Whole squid, untreated other than by the drying process, can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from over a foot long, to just a few inches or so in length and, once prepared for use, can be utilized in much the same was as fresh squid, albeit with some change in flavor and texture, enhanced during the drying process where the natural sweetness and flavors are greatly concentrated.  Our Monterey Humboldt Dried Squid are Jumbo in size which means each one is 12 inches long on average.


Dried squid is sometimes deep-fried as is, or else grilled over an open flame or burner before being consumed alone or in a sauce of some type.  In Southeast Asian cuisine locals love to eat it as a roasted snack, used in stir-fries or added to soups, stocks or broths to enhance the umami flavor.  In Japan, dried squids are pressed and stretched and sold as street snack which can also be found in almost every supermarket.  In Korea, strips of dried squid are mixed with a variety of spices to make a spicy side-dish called "Ojingeochae Bokkeum".  We here at Sa Sung USA enjoy it lightly toasted over charcoal and dipped in sweet hoisin sauce with a splash of Sriracha. YUM!


  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Artificial Flavoring
  • NO Artificial Coloring
  • NO Added Water or Fillers
  • Wild-Caught


Ingredients: Humboldt Squid, Sea Salt.

Dried Monterey Humboldt Squid - X-LARGE - 10oz - (Save 5%)

    • Two (2) jumbo dried humboldt squid (each approx. 12 inches)
    • Dried indoors
    • Vacuum sealed for freshness
    • Wild Caught in Monterey, CA & Southern California Waters
    • Never frozen! Caught, Cleaned & Dried same day!
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