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Dried Hokkaido Sea Scallops


The dried scallops harvested in Hokkaido are certified by the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations, under a rigorous system of inspection and quality grading based on stipulated product standards. The dried scallops that Sa Sung USA handles are all authentic products, certified as compliant with Japanese grading standards.


Dried scallop or conpoy, is made from the adductor muscles of scallops and is known for its sweet and umami aroma. Dried scallop is a common ingredient in many Asian cuisine and is often used in congees, soups, and sauces to infuse a rich, savory, and superior flavor and taste. Before using, gently rinse dried scallop a few times. Rehydrate in tap water for 2 to 3 hours, then drain. You can tear it into smaller pieces, so as to infuse more flavor into a dish.


You can store dried scallop in an airtight jar in the fridge for up to a year. You can also freeze it to store for even longer.


The Hokkaido sea scallop, is the Japanese scallop, Patinopecten yessoensis. Hokkaido scallops are famous for their delicious flavour. These Pacific Ocean scallops are more tender, sweeter and creamier compared to Atlantic sea scallops. The harvested scallops are processed & dried in the onshore production facilities without chemical additives that some processors use to absorb water. Sa Sung USA's Hokkaido scallops are all natural, "dry" scallops that retain the minimal natural moisture and ocean flavour.


Sa Sung USA takes pride in our strategic partnerships with the most discerning scallop fisheries and manufacturers in Hokkaido, which enables us to offer consistent high quality dried sea scallops to our customers. Product quality and food safety is guaranteed using a high-tech X-ray grading and inspection system, with accurate grading for size uniformity.

Hokkaido Dried Scallop - (Medium) - 1/2 lb (32-35pc)

  • Submerge dried scallop into room temp. water and let soak for 2-3 hours to soften them up before adding to your favorite dish.  Additionally dried scallops can be toasted in it's dry form and grated over pasta or stir fried dishes for an explosion of umami that will enhance many dishes.

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