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Dried Abalone


Abalone, known as a rich source of protein is a nutritious food providing invigoration, protecting liver functions, and helping overcome fatigue. For these reasons, the demand for this premium fishery product is increasing around the world.


Sa Sung USA provides American dried abalone from the warm coastal waters of California's West Coast that use 100% fresh abalone raised in California seawater. In particular, the dried abalone is produced from fresh abalone, and after washing, their internal organs and shell are removed, followed by the steaming, drying and packaging.


Even though abalone itself is healthy seafood rich in protein but low in fat and calorie content, the dried abalone has a higher content of taurine in the course of steaming or drying abalone.

Taurine is a kind of amino acid which is effective for improving function of the liver and heart, controlling cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The dried abalone also has higher contents of
methionine and cysteine, which are known to help to overcome fatigue and enhance the liver function.

American Dried Abalone - (Medium) - 2.0 lb (110-120pc)

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  • Submerge dried abalone into cold water and let soak in refrigerator for 2 days to soften them up before adding to your favorite dish.  Additionally dried abalones can be toasted in it's dry form and grated over pasta or stir fried dishes for an explosion of umami that will enhance many dishes.

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