Wild Sá Sùng

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Home Cooks and Professional Chefs

Love our Products!

Quynh Nguyen

Restaurant Owner

San Jose, CA

“I use Sa Sung USA's signature blend of organic pho spices and wild caught sa sung at my restaurant. Great high quality products! My customers love it.”

Sharon Pellegrino

Home Cook

Houston, TX

“I've recently fallen in love with Vietnamese Pho. Sa Sung USA's spices are great! 1 spice bag for a whole 6qt pot!  I use their sa sung to add umami, no more msg needed!”

Quang Pham

Restaurant Chef

Garden Grove, CA

I have been a chef in Vietnamese cuisine for over 30 years. We use Sá Sùng as a "secret" ingredient to enhance the umami profile of our phở, hủ tiếu and other noodle soups. Replacing MSG."